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Marlee Watts has been making a variety of handmade jewellery and wearable art, specializing in metal work and wire wrapping for the past 8 years. She graduated from The Alberta College of Art + Design with a BFA specializing in Jewellery + Metals in 2013. After graduation she moved to Montreal, putting her degree to use in the belief that her passion could support her. She moved to Montreal, unable to speak french so she had to be creative in how she ran her business. This is when she started up her first Etsy shop, MarleeCWatts. She now travels between Calgary and Montreal where she sells to numerous shops and takes part in local craft sales in both cities. To her delight her business continues to grow!


Her collections showcase a variety of techniques and materials. Her work is inspired by two very different cities, the frequent changes in her surroundings and the resources available at the time. She is always teaching herself new approaches and exploring new materials to keep herself inspired. 


Her style is multi faceted, as she enjoys creating various designs with something for everyone. Her dominant style of ethereal, bohemian pieces are inspired by her passion for raw crystals and the idea of utilizing these crystals’ energies to connect with an individual wearer. The unique energy and story that a stone holds (and wearer connects with) is something that has always fascinated her. Creating a talisman or amulet with a manifested meaning that makes it special to its owner is something truly magical. 

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